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Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi. Thanks for clicking over to my blog.

My name is Jo Garceau. Two years ago, when I was seventy-six, I published a book, Knowing Woman, Nurturing the Feminine Soul. A number of readers requested that I expand on the ideas I wrote about, and especially to share my reflections on spirituality, heart health, shamanic astrology, growing older, and current issues.

Allow me to introduce myself: raised Roman Catholic in the 1930's, I married and had four children, three sons and a daughter. When I was thirty, I began to volunteer in politics. One thing led to another and after running political campaigns in Washington State, in 1969, I became assistant to the governor. After leaving government, I worked as a part time campus minister at The Evergreen State College while enrolled at a seminary offering an off campus degree. Later, armed with my new Master's in Human Values, I spent eight years in an ashram in California (more in the book, much more!) and have been meditating since the early 70's. Spirituality is the focus of my life.

My youngest son, Greg, and I share an apartment in Vancouver, Washington. Another son, Paul, lives in Portland and is single. My daughter, Suzanne, has lived at Ananda ashram in central California with her husband and four children for many years. Two of my grandsons are away from home, one at college and the other looking for work in Seattle. My fourth child, Warren, recently moved to Provo, Utah to continue drama studies.

I an a Shamanic Astrologer with a Gemini 10th house, which means I am eclectic about my work and like to stay involved. Before I retired as a customer service agent, I started a tiny business that does many things. Sometimes one area is "hot" and another cold and so I manage to make a little income one way or another... I read astrological charts in person and by phone, including for clients overseas. I book appointments for my teacher, Daniel Giamario (see shamanicastrology.com...I am listed there too), sell books over the internet, sell my own books directly, and work one day a week at a local metaphysics store, Celestial Awakenings....

In February 2009 I suddenly learned that I have what I prefer to call a "heart issue"....apparently not a heart attack, but arrhythmia and a serious blood clot. My first doctor coolly delivered his opinion: "You have a fifty percent chance of living one year." Perhaps the best description of my condition is congestive heart failure. By combining alternative and regular medications and disciplines I have recovered significantly in the past 21 months. I currently attend Qigong classes twice a week and swim at least once a week, and know I should do more. The medications have slowed me down and I limp a bit, and it is hard to walk as I used to. I wear a pedometer to measure my daily activity.

Over the past two years, I have offered discussion groups on Knowing Woman and on the astrological Turning of the Ages. A couple weeks ago, I began offering a free weekly meditation and conversation. So far, people seem pleased.

I want this blog to be interactive. Your comments, questions and suggestions are important to me. Please introduce yourself, and let me know what you are thinking about, what you would like to know and what you are doing. Together, we can build a community of wise women and men.


  1. I am very excited to see such a beautiful being sharing herself with the world. Thank you for being who you are :)

  2. Thanks, Taliesin. You're the very first to comment on the blog.

  3. You are truly a beautiful person, both inside and out. I look forward to following your blog.

  4. I look forward to following your blog. I enjoy your insights and I thank you for sharing your beautiful soul and spirit. I recently began reading about Therese de Lisieux (Theresa of the little Flower). I'm trying to follow in her example of living from a place of love, even with people whom I dislike. It's a challenge for me. I have a difficult and angry boss who has not been fair or kind toward me and seems self righteous and justified in her behavior. I'm trying to find ways to handle the negative and hostile atmosphere. I'll have a chance to change my workplace soon. However, I see other people managing her and interacting with her quite well. I'm wondering why I can't do the same. I'm looking for lessons and hoping they are out there somewhere.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  5. Heidi, thank you so much! I love you, too.

    Julia, I learned about Therese de Lisieux when I was a little girl in Catechism class in the 1940's. How lovely that you and others I know are still finding an example in her...

    Just last night, I was reading "The Bodhi Tree Grows in L.A., Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America" and he was describing a man who had difficulties with his boss. You might try to find that book. I know how difficult it can be to send good vibes to people who are hard to get along with, but that was what the Buddhist monk was recommending to the man in Los Angeles.

    Sending you holiday blessings. I hope you will share again soon. jo

  6. Thanks Jo, I'll check it out.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have a great Christmas/Solstice as well.